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This domain name is not for sale,* but I'd be happy to help your friends and customers find your site.  Just e-mail me here:  links (at) chrisbaker.com
(but I rarely actually check it--sorry for being the deadbeat Chris Baker)

Tell me your domain name or home page and a little about yourself (a sentence or two that you want posted here),
and I'll be glad to post
a link from this page for you. 

Keep in mind, this service is not automatic -- all edits are done by hand, so it may take a day or so (actually, it may take several months...or years).
BTW:  this offer is only valid if your name, service, or site has something to do with "chris baker."

So for the rest of the chrisbakers who say "sell me that domain -- you're not doing much with it," this is for you.  ;-)

last updated:  October 15, 2014
updated:  May 23, 2009

Another site that the owner of chrisbaker.com has put together:
                           www.qua-ke-zik.org  -- homepage of the Qua-Ke-Zik Sportsmen's Club in Saranac, Michigan

 Here are some others named "Chris Baker" that you were probably hoping to find here:

Chris Baker is a project manager based in Oxfordshire, UK: www.chrisjbaker.co.uk

Chris Baker runs Chris Baker PR in Atlanta, GA:  www.chrisbakerpr.com and www.facebook.com/chrisbakerpr

Chris Baker owns a small graphics business in Vancouver, BC Canada www.printhink.com

At first, I wasn't sure if this was legit.  It is real, it is artsy, it is interesting.  ilovechrisbaker.com

Looking for Chris Baker of Syracuse?  www.musicuse.wordpress.com and facebook.com/chrsbakr and twitter.com/chrsbakr
(Though as of
December 18, 2012 his view on gun control is way wrong.)

For some beautiful wood art, check out www.shop.chrisbakerwoodworking.com  (I find the Bolt Action Gun Pen especially appealing!)

If you're looking for a mortgage in California, look to www.bakerloan.com



*It's STILL not for sale.  But I could be swayed by a giant lottery-type jackpot amount.  If it would buy me a mid-80's Porsche 911, we can talk.  If you've got that car to trade, we can probably work something out.  Color doesn't matter, as long as there's a big whale tail on the back.